About the Model

The tool encompasses a complex integrated model that uses a spatial dataset to undertake various types of analyses and simulations.

Model Features

UrbanBEATS is not just an urban water model. It addresses a wide range of other issues that contribute to the effective planning and implementation of sustainable water infrastructure.

Development Team

UrbanBEATS has been developed and maintained by a multi-disciplinary team of scientists and engineers. The development team spans across the globe, from Australia to Europe.

Latest Software Version

Download the latest version of UrbanBEATS and start exploring sustainable urban water management options for your development.

Case Study: City of Port Phillip

Featured Case Study

Coming soon! We are currently exploring a new model feature in the City of Port Phillip. Watch this space!

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Tutorials and Useful Resources Available Online

Begin learning and open the door to exploring the intricacy of the urban water system. Whether you are an engineer, planner or student, UrbanBEATS has something to complement your current workflow

Learning Resources

Upcoming Events

Interested in learning more about the model? Look out for upcoming training workshops or online videos.

Contact Details

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Research & Industry Support

UrbanBEATS has been supported by a range of water companies, who have contributed in various ways to the research, development and application of the tool.

Model Case Studies

UrbanBEATS has been applied to a variety of regions in Australia and America. Different case studies have tested the model's simulation capabilities and validated many of the model's features. Click on one of the regions to explore more about the application of this planning-support tool.