The following is a list of publications relating to UrbanBEATS and its development. Access links to databases have been provided. You will be able to access journal publications if your institution has the available subscriptions to these.

Core Publications about the UrbanBEATS Planning-Support System

For a fundamental overview of UrbanBEATS, its capabilities and its testing and validation on a number of case studies, read these core papers (list provided in suggested reading order).

  1. Bach, P.M., Staalesen, S., McCarthy, D.T., Deletic, A. (2015) Revisiting land use classification and spatial aggregation for modelling integrated urban water systems, Landscape and Urban Planning, 143, pp. 43-55.[Link]
  2. Bach, P.M., Deletic, A., Urich, C. and McCarthy, D.T., 2018. Modelling characteristics of the urban form to support water systems planning. Environmental Modelling & Software, 104, pp.249-269. [Link]
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  4. Bach, P.M., McCarthy, D.T., Deletic, A. (2015). Can we model the implementation of water sensitive urban design in evolving cities?. Water Science and Technology, 71 (1), pp. 149-156. [Link]

Supporting Publications – Key Developments

A number of supporting papers that have developed the science around some of UrbanBEATS’ algorithms and sub-models have also been published. The list below provides these in chronological order (most recent published to oldest). Read these for a more in-depth understanding of some of the key features of UrbanBEATS or of an overview of things to come.

  1. Zhang, K., Bach, P.M., Mathios, J., Dotto, C.B. and Deletic, A., 2020. Quantifying the benefits of stormwater harvesting for pollution mitigation. Water research, 171, p.115395. [Link]
  2. Deletic, A., Zhang, K., Jamali, B., Charette-Castonguay, A., Kuller, M., Prodanovic, V. and Bach, P.M., 2018, September. Modelling to support the planning of sustainable urban water systems. In International Conference on Urban Drainage Modelling (pp. 10-19). Springer, Cham. [Link]
  3. Sitzenfrei, R., Zischg, J., Sitzmann, M. and Bach, P.M., 2017. Impact of hybrid water supply on the centralised water system. Water, 9(11), p.855. [Link]
  4. Bach, P.M., McCarthy, D.T., Urich, C., Sitzenfrei, R., Kleidorfer, M., Rauch, W. and Deletic, A., 2013. A planning algorithm for quantifying decentralised water management opportunities in urban environments. Water science and technology, 68(8), pp.1857-1865. [Link]
  5. Bach, P. M., Deletic, A., Urich, C., Sitzenfrei, R., Kleidorfer, M., Rauch, W., McCarthy, D. T. (2013). Modelling Interactions Between Lot-Scale Decentralised Water Infrastructure and Urban Form – a Case Study on Infiltration Systems. Water Resources Management. 27, 4845-4863. DOI 10.1007/s11269-013-0442-9. [Link]

Supporting Publications – Involving the Application of UrbanBEATS

These publications have, in some form, used UrbanBEATS to answer various research questions. Read these to gain further insight into how the model can be and has been used. The list below provides these in chronological order (most recent published to oldest).

  1. Castonguay, A.C., Iftekhar, M.S., Urich, C., Bach, P.M. and Deletic, A., 2018. Integrated modelling of stormwater treatment systems uptake. Water research, 142, pp.301-312. [Link]
  2. Bach, P. M., Eisenstein, W., McCarthy, D. T., Hatt, B., Sedlak, D., Deletic, A. (2016). Australian water sensitive planning in the San Francisco Bay Area: challenges and implications for model transferability. 2016 International Low Impact Development Conference (LID2016), Beijing, China.
  3. Bach, P.M., McCarthy, D.T., Deletic, A. (2015). Exploring greenfield water sensitive options with the integrated planning-support model UrbanBEATS. 9th IWA Symposium on Systems Analysis and Integrated Assessment (Watermatex 15), Gold Coast, Australia.
  4. Bach, P.M., Dotto, C.B.S., McCarthy, D.T., Deletic, A. (2015). Exploring multi-objective water sensitive urban design through integrated modelling. 10th International Urban Drainage Modelling Conference (UDM2015), Mont-Sainte-Anne, Canada.
  5. Bach, P. M., McCarthy, D. T., Deletic, A. (2014). Modelling the dynamics of water sensitive planning for a suburban area in Melbourne, Australia. 13th International Conference on Urban Drainage (13ICUD), Kuching, Malaysia.
  6. Dotto, C. B. S., Bach, P. M., Allen, R. Wong, T., Deletic, A. (2014). Towards Water Sensitive Urban Precincts: Modelling Stormwater Management Opportunities. 13th International Conference on Urban Drainage (13ICUD), Kuching, Malaysia.
  7. Bach, P. M., McCarthy, D. T., Deletic, A. (2013). UrbanBEATS: A strategic planning tool for exploring water sensitive futures. 8th International Water Sensitive Urban Design Conference (WSUD 2013). Gold Coast, Australia.

Other Papers

Finally, these publications have provided major advancements in the various scientific aspects that UrbanBEATS delves into. Whilst they are not directly related to UrbanBEATS, they have guided the philosophy around its development and will continue to do so in future. The list below provides these in chronological order (most recent published to oldest).

  1. Joshi, P., Leitão, J.P., Maurer, M. and Bach, P.M., 2021. Not all SuDS are created equal: Impact of different approaches on combined sewer overflows. Water Research, 191, p.116780. [Link]
  2. Browne, S., Lintern, A., Jamali, B., Leitão, J.P. and Bach, P.M., 2021. Stormwater management impacts of small urbanising towns: The necessity of investigating the ‘devil in the detail’. Science of the Total Environment, 757, p.143835. [Link]
  3. Zhang, K., Deletic, A., Dotto, C.B., Allen, R. and Bach, P.M., 2020. Modelling a ‘business case’for blue-green infrastructure: lessons from the Water Sensitive Cities Toolkit. Blue-Green Systems, 2(1), pp.383-403. [Link]
  4. Kuller, M., Bach, P.M., Roberts, S., Browne, D. and Deletic, A., 2019. A planning-support tool for spatial suitability assessment of green urban stormwater infrastructure. Science of the total environment, 686, pp.856-868. [Link]
  5. Guo, D., Lintern, A., Prodanovic, V., Kuller, M., Bach, P.M., Deletic, A., Shi, B., McCarthy, D., Ryu, D., Webb, J.A. and Liu, S., 2019. Future Water: Comparing and contrasting approaches to predicting water quality. Proceedings of 23rd International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (MODSIM) [Link]
  6. Shi, B., Bach, P.M., Lintern, A., Zhang, K., Coleman, R.A., Metzeling, L., McCarthy, D.T. and Deletic, A., 2019. Understanding spatiotemporal variability of in-stream water quality in urban environments–a case study of Melbourne, Australia. Journal of environmental management, 246, pp.203-213. [Link]
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