As we develop the model, we will upload some useful tutorials and guides on how to use the UrbanBEATS Planning-Support System. At the moment, for those who want to try out the Legacy Version of the model, a Getting Started guide with the accompanying Project Files can be obtained.

Legacy Version Tutorials & Guides

Getting Started Guide
This guide walks you through the full workflow of a ‘static simulation’, where you set up a project (using the ‘Toolern Precinct’ case study as an example). Start here if you are new to UrbanBEATS.
Getting Started Guide – Accompanying Files
The zip contains the four inputs maps for the getting started guide and the .csv file representing a scoring matrix. Use this with the Getting Started Guide to familiarise yourself with UrbanBEATS.

Fact Sheets

As we continue to work on the model and to test it across our research network, we will produce a range of fact sheets to help new and existing users get up to date with the inner workings of the model.

Fact Sheet – Land Use Classification Scheme (last updated July 2020)
An overview of the different land use classes used in UrbanBEATS – note that the legacy version only uses categories 1 to 13 in this fact sheet.