Hi everyone,

As this website gets filled with more content (update: About UrbanBEATS and Publications pages are up-to-date), we look forward to bringing you more exciting insight into this Planning-Support Tool!

Meanwhile, I would like to take the moment to guide you towards my YouTube channel, which I recently started! I will be uploading a whole bunch of seminars that I have or will be giving on my research. Two such seminars are already online and are related to UrbanBEATS in some form or another. They also feature some work from the various publications listed over at the publications page. As you wait for new information to be updated on this website, I hope that these seminars will give you some entertainment and insight for now.

Planning Multi-functional Blue Green Systems in Cities of the Future

This seminar provides a broad overview of my research, much of which has supported and is being supported by developments on the UrbanBEATS Planning-Support System. It showcases the broader research network and nice visuals on some of the case studies we are looking into.

Transitioning to Blue Green Cities

I was invited to give a seminar at the WESTalks, organised by the University of British Columbia. Here I present more insights into my interpretation of Blue Green Cities and how we can create it. More specifically, I also discuss different ways in which UrbanBEATS can tackle the city-scale, regional and local scale solutions. Thank you to UBC for this opportunity! You can check out more of their WESTalks over at their channel.

Looking forward to updating you soon!

– Peter

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