While the newly revamped version of UrbanBEATS is underway, if you are curious about the model, feel free to download the Legacy Version at this page (Windows only). Please note that this version is no longer being maintained as we are pouring all our time and resources into the new version. Therefore, any bugs that may still pop up here and there in this version will no longer be fixed. However, feel free to get in touch with your queries and we may find a workaround. Below you’ll find a list of FAQs that will be updated regularly. These are queries from beta testers and users of this version with whom we have found workarounds and solutions.

Also… apologies ahead of time… for my ignorance as an engineer attempting to develop software. If there are usability issues, feel free to contact us with feedback and suggestions that we can implement into the new version.

Before downloading please read the disclaimer.


By downloading this version you acknowledge the following points (last update April 4th, 2021):

  1. This version serves as a demonstration of the research around UrbanBEATS and its capabilities. As the research team is no longer maintaining this version, we cannot guarantee that the model will work in your specific case study with your specific data sets.
  2. This version of UrbanBEATS has been heavily tested in Melbourne, Australia with minimal application beyond. The research team can therefore not guarantee the model’s validity in case studies beyond the scope of its testing. You therefore agree to assume full responsibility for the application of UrbanBEATS to your own case study.
  3. The research team does not recommend using the outputs of this legacy version as the sole basis for planning and decision-making without their prior consultation. In general, the research team stresses that UrbanBEATS is not to be used as a ‘predictive model’, but rather a ‘support tool’ to facilitate stakeholder interaction and discussion around a specific planning problem.

>>> AGREE AND DOWNLOAD the UrbanBEATS Legacy Version

Installation Instructions

Once you have downloaded the .exe file, double click it to install it to any folder. The software is portable, so you can run it off an external harddrive even. Follow the prompts and once the installation has completed, navigate to the installation folder and start UrbanBEATSv1.0.exe (depending on installation, you may need to start it with Administrator rights).

For first time users, we highly recommend checking out the ‘Getting Started’ tutorial which you can find over at the Tutorials & Resources page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

(coming soon… as we scan our email history…)