Here’s a quick update from the web team! The new UrbanBEATS website is coming together nicely and we have made quite a few updates and uploaded more content to the website to give you more insight into what UrbanBEATS is all about!

Projects Pages

Most of the project pages are up and running! We plan to add more over the coming weeks. The most recent and pertinent ones are, however, online! You can find out more about the following projects at their respective pages…

The SSANTO project page will go up soon as well. Stay tuned as well for more extensive information on the SSANTO tool.

Case Studies

We plan to make individual pages for each and every case study that we have applied UrbanBEATS to, but this will take time as it also involves digging through project archives for the old case studies and sifting through good looking illustrations for the current ones. Nevertheless, you can current find a summary of the different case studies based on region…

Other Updates

Some minor updates to the R&D Team were made and, finally, if you want to read a bit about how UrbanBEATS came to be, the ‘History of UrbanBEATS‘ page will give you a quick rundown!

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