Currently, many of the case studies in Europe are located in Switzerland, but we are in the process of potentially embarking on a few more case studies around the continent.

(update 2021-04-08: individual case study pages are slowly being updated, for more info, about any case study, refer to the various publications)

Aargau-Zurich Cantons, SWITZERLAND
Size: 3,070 km2
Currently the largest regional area being investigated in UrbanBEATS as part of the CONNECT-HDL project, where we are looking at modelling functional connectivity across the whole area and the impact of urban areas. Read more…
Size: 52 km2
We are looking into how UrbanBEATS can support the current and future development of Bern. Sustainability, liveability and climate adaptation are key interests in this extensive case study. Read more…
Devon Shire County, UNITED KINGDOM
Size: 6,707 km²
First regional scale application of SSANTO. Initially designed for the analysis in urban areas, this case-study demonstrated SSANTO can also perform larger-scale analysis. Project performed in collaboration with the University of Exeter.
Fehraltorf Catchment, ZH, SWITZERLAND
Size: 36 km2
The Fehraltorf hydrologic (black) and sewer catchment (blue) is well-instrumented as part of Eawag’s Urban Water Observatory project and is the focus case study in developing of some UrbanBEATS’ catchment hydrology features. Read more…
Innsbruck, Tyrol AUSTRIA (commencing soon)
Size: 37km2
There is significant momentum in transforming the City of Innsbruck into a Blue Green City. Together with our colleagues at Innsbruck University, we will be exploring various possibilities including mapping bioclimatic conditions citywide. Read more…
Zurich-Uster Region, ZH, SWITZERLAND
Size: 282 km2
Covering both the cities of Zurich and Uster, with the Uetliberg in the west and the Greifensee towards the east, the Zurich-Uster Region provides a useful test bed for many of UrbanBEATS’ new spatial planning modules. Read more…