UrbanBEATS has been applied to the following regions/districts/catchments. Click on any of the case studies for more details.

CS_caseyclyde Case Clyde Growth Area
Assessment of stormwater management and recycling options for a new growth area in Melbourne’s south east. The Casey Clyde Growth Area is also UrbanBEATS’ test case study for the work on linking water recycling and centralised water distribution systems modelling with EPANET.
CS_cityportphillip City of Port Phillip
The region was used to trial new features of the UrbanBEATS model, in particular, a microclimate assessment module
CS_kmcorridor The Kororoit-Maribyrnong Corridor
UrbanBEATS’ largest case study to date, the Kororoit-Maribyrnong Corridor is not only a software test bed of the model’s capabilities in handling larger urban areas, but also an investigation into how water management opportunities change as we move from peri-urban to inner city areas.
CS_scotchcreek Scotchmans Creek Catchment
This was UrbanBEATS’ first case study, a small catchment that was used in the development of many of the WSUD planning algorithms, static and dynamic simulation modes.
CS_toolernprecinct Toolern Precinct
A new development in Melbourne’s west that aims to be a water neutral suburb. UrbanBEATS was tested against the proposed WSUD system designs by water management experts
CS_troupsck Troups Creek Catchment
A small catchment in the south-eastern region of Melbourne that is predominantly residential and has a agricultural land area in its upstream reaches. Troups Ck catchment was used to assess UrbanBEATS’ urban form abstraction algorithms as well as investigate the potential links with the MUSIC model
CS_wyndham Wyndham North Precincts
Comprising three major catchments and four new developments in Melbourne’s west, the Wyndham North precinct case study was used as part of the ongoing development of UrbanBEATS’ Benchmark Simulation Mode
CS_yarraestuary Yarra Estuary Catchment
An ultimate test of UrbanBEATS’ urban planning module and dynamic simulation mode, the Yarra Estuary Catchment contains Melbourne’s CBD and a rich history of urban development and water management with the major waterway, the Yarra River flowing through it